Positions Currently Available

We’re a small company, with a big heart and an even bigger brain—all thanks to the great people who work here. Minute Menu Systems makes web-based software that helps kids get healthy meals in childcare.

There are a ton of details about Federal entitlement programs and regulations that you’ll learn eventually, but the real reason we make software is to help people—non-profits working to ensure good nutrition for our nation’s needy children, child care centers and home child care providers working to care for our kids while we work, and parents who need easy ways to find, keep up with, and pay their child care providers.

We’re looking for people that are smart, genuine, ready to learn, and a little different from the crowd. If Minute Menu made bumper stickers, ours would say: “If you’re closest to the broom, be ready to sweep” and “If you have a great idea, be ready to lead the team to implementation.”

We currently have no positions available.