Minute Menu State Module

State agencies benefit in many ways when Sponsors choose to use Minute Menu. And state agencies that use the Minute Menu State Module extend those benefits even further.

Automate Sponsor Claim Reimbursements

To reduce the state's costs of operating the Food Program, Minute Menu can be integrated with the State Agency's accounting systems, so that Sponsor claims can be automatically received, reviewed, and released for payment. The State Agency will be given appropriate tools to track received claims, review claiming problems, review claim histories, compare admin costs with provider payments, and more. All made available at the State's fingertips, minimizing the ongoing costs of operating the Food Program.

Dramatically Reduce Auditing Costs

State Agencies can take advantage of the Minute Menu Auditing Module to perform all of their audit-related data queries and access myriad auditing reports via the Internet. So the state can perform the majority of the work required in any given audit without leaving the state offices. All the State must do on-site at a Sponsor's office is ensure that paper records match the electronic ones that have already been analyzed. The reduction in auditing costs can be dramatic -- rather than sending 3 people to a Sponsor's office for an entire week, 1 person can go for one day.

Improve Program Management

The benefits of standardizing Sponsor operations within a state are relatively obvious: audits will take less time, fewer managerial problems will need to be dealt with, and a more consistent quality of service will be offered to providers within the state. But encouraging the use of Minute Menu by Sponsors throughout the state -- or even obtaining a state-wide license to make Minute Menu available to all of your state's Sponsors -- will offer dramatic benefits to the State Agency. Sponsor administrative costs will decrease as Minute Menu eliminates material requirements and the labor involved in processing claims -- making it easier for Sponsors to do all that states ask of them. Sponsor information management will become consistent -- and completely compliant with state managerial procedures. And more importantly, your state's Sponsors will be able to devote more time to Providers.