Minute Menu State Module

How does Minute Menu help State Agencies?

Minute Menu is a comprehensive CACFP management system, designed both to automate Sponsor operations and improve Sponsor compliance with federal and state regulations by offering a powerful reporting framework that focuses a Sponsor's managerial attention on potential CACFP hotspots.

There are over 100 reports built into Minute Menu, and 6 custom report writers, that allow Sponsors to get extremely useful managerial guidance on virtually all aspects of their businesses. But just as these reports can be used by Sponsors to ensure they stay in compliance with CACFP regulations, state agencies can likewise use them to dramatically streamline the process of performing administrative reviews. These reports include:

If you'd like, we can send you a binder of the reports Minute Menu generates, and even a full users manual for the software. Just contact us.

Minute Menu can provide access to the state agency to review these reports, and can provide training to state agency staff so they can effectively use these tools.

Minute Menu State Module

The Minute Menu State Module is an add-on to Minute Menu that can be purchased by state agencies that will allow the state agency to print Minute Menu reports via the Internet, from state agency offices. Using the Minute Menu State Module, state agencies can drastically cut the cost of travel associated with an administrative review, as state agency staff can review all Minute Menu reports from their main office, and then a skeleton staff of reviewers would go on site simply to ensure paper records matched the reports printed from Minute Menu.

System Requirements

The Minute Menu State Module is a web application. It is accessed via a compatible web browser. You must be able to access websites via a standard secure URL (i.e., HTTPS) on the “minutemenu.com” domain (e.g., https://example.minutemenu.com, https://www.minutemenu.com, https://mystate.minutemenu.com, etc.). You may need to have your technology provider adjust your proxy server, firewall, or other internet filtering technology in order to permit this access.

Currently, the minimum supported browser versions are as follows (a newer version of the specified browser will also work):

The Minute Menu State Module will render reports in Portable Document Format (PDF). In order to view these reports, you must have a PDF viewer installed on each computer from which you plan to access the Minute Menu State Module. (Free PDF readers are available from Adobe, FoxIt, and many others.)

If your agency is interested in using the Minute Menu State Module, please contact us for pricing.