Minute Menu State Module

Minute Menu Training

Minute Menu provides on-site training services to almost all agencies that start using the Minute Menu System as they begin to use it. These initial trainings are conducted over the period of one to two days, and cover huge amounts of material on exactly how to use the software to stay in compliance with state and federal regulations. But the Food Program is complex, and so we can't cover it all in that initial training.

As a result, we offer a Training Conference in Dallas each year, which is 3 days of intense operational training on how to operate a Sponsorship at the lower cost while maintaining the highest level of integrity. Many state agency staff and Sponsors attend this conference each year.

Frequently, though, it's impossible for all state agency staff or all Sponsors to attend. And unfortunately that usually means that agencies or staff members can deviate from the best practices they should follow to ensure a consistently high quality of program integrity throughout the state.

As a result, many states arrange to have a state-wide Minute Menu training within their state, at which all Sponsors attend. And many state agencies also set aside time for Minute Menu to train state agency staff at annual state agency staff trainings. With Minute Menu's focus on practical, operations training, these state-wide trainings are an extremely effective way to ensure that all Sponsors and state staff stay on the same page, and that state CACFP policy is effectively implemented.

If you'd like more information on having Minute Menu come to your state, please contact us.

Customized Administrative Review Procedures

When conducting administrative reviews, state agencies ask Sponsoring organizations for lots of information -- lists of claiming providers, specific claim information, payment histories, etc.  The Minute Menu system generates over 100 reports, and includes several customizeable report writers, ensuring that it can generate a concise report for virtually anything you ask for. However, many state agency staff don't know exactly what report to ask for, and unfortunately sometimes Sponsors don't know either (since they many not be generating those reports regularly). As a result, Minute Menu can work with your state agency to "translate" your existing state agency review documentation so that when you do a review of a Sponsor using Minute Menu, you'll know exactly what report to ask for, and even what steps must be followed within the software to generate that report. If you'd like more information on developing this Minute Menu-specific version of your administrative review process, please contact us.

Regardless, we are happy to send you a binder of the reports Minute Menu generates, and even a full users manual for the software. Just contact us.